The Empiric Scheme

In April 2015, the development project was bought by Empiric Student Property.  Empiric architects undertook a review of the scheme design and a number of changes to the internal layout of the building were proposed as a result of analysing buildability, and the changing needs of the market.  Revised planning and listed building applications were filed by Buttress Architects, with the design development running in parallel with the build contract tender.

In February 2016 consent was granted for the addition of a basement to the scheme, putting some leisure facilities underneath the now empty churchyard, accessed via a tunnel from the base of the internal lift shaft.

The resultant scheme was now 87 apartments, with a mixture of studios, one two and three bedroom apartments, plus the underground leisure centre. This was the scheme that was build and completed in September 2017.

Proposed sections drawings by Butress of the redeveloped Welsh Baptist Chapel