Site Clearance

When Church Converts took over the site, the inside of the chapel had become something of a forest, with self-seeded trees having grown in between the rubble of the roof.  Most of the roof structure, timber, slates, and the stone and bricks from the top sections of wall, had been pushed into the middle of the chapel.

The only remaining feature of the interior of the chapel is the balcony, although this is only partially intact.  Where it remains it is full of mud and debris, and is unsafe.  Its demolition is one of the first parts of the main works.  One of the conditions of the listed building consent is to reuse parts of this balcony if possible, so some timber features will be salvaged and used in the scheme.

All the brick and stone has been recovered from the inside of the chapel.  The stone is all going to be reused in the reconstruction of the top of the walls, and the two pinnacles from the east end.